Students at work in the CMC Aspen ceramics studio.

Creative Arts Certificate

An encompassing curriculum includes history and a wide range of media electives

The Creative Arts Certificate is designed to provide basic artistic training for career or personal interest. The arts are important to our communities and this program encourages you to become an active contributor through your creative work.

Thirty credits in the fine arts, the humanities and other creative fields allow you to individualize the program to meet your goals. Optional art internships with a local arts organization are available once you have completed fifteen credits toward this certificate. This program allows you to explore several media and to receive additional training in an area of your choice.

Students completing this program will receive a Creative Arts Certificate of Completion. Though the certificate itself is not approved by the State of Colorado for occupational education or transfer, the program may be structured to apply the credits toward our Associate of Arts or Associate of General Studies degrees. Please consult with a Student Services counselor for information on these options.

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