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Pre-Engineering Program at Colorado Mountain College

Save time and money completing courses at CMC then transferring to a Colorado Engineering Program

The coursework outlined below can help improve admission, reduce time, and save money at engineering schools like the University of Colorado Boulder and the Colorado School of Mines.

The space shuttle, the English Channel Tunnel, prosthetic limbs, the Golden Gate Bridge, electrification, and so many more amazing achievements are attributed to engineering.

If you are interested in becoming an engineer, our Pre-Engineering Pathway

  • Will prepare you for transfer to a 4-year Engineering Program
  • Articulates with the University of Colorado Boulder and the Colorado School of Mines
  • Is part of a Guaranteed Admission Agreement at the University of Colorado Boulder

Other CMC courses not listed in the curriculum below may also be accepted by engineering programs, but students are encouraged to speak with a transfer advisor at the receiving institution(s) before taking such courses.

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Articulation Agreement with the Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado School of Mines offers CMC students the opportunity to transfer CMC courses into their engineering pathways. They accept far fewer transfer students than they do regular admits, so students are strongly encouraged to apply before accumulating 24 total college credits.

CMC - Mines Agreement

Guaranteed Admission Agreement with the University of Colorado Boulder

The Guaranteed Admission Agreement with CU-Boulder offers CMC students guaranteed admission to the engineering path of their choice after completing four college-level courses. Students with less than 24 total college credits will be required to submit high school transcripts.

CMC - CU Agreement