Registrar Forms

Please find below, links to various forms you might need during your time at CMC, along with a description of what each form is used for.

The majority of forms are processed by registration staff at your campus, unless otherwise indicated at the bottom of the form, that it is processed by the Registrar’s Office.

If you need any assistance, please contact your Campus Registration Staff or the Registrar's Office: 

ACADEMIC RENEWAL This form can be used to make a request for Academic Renewal. Academic Renewal can be requested once to exclude up to 15 semester hour credits from the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
ADDRESS CHANGE Use this form to update your address in your record.
CHANGE ACADEMIC PROGRAM This form is used to request a change of academic program.
COMMON LAW MARRIAGE Students can use this form to declare that they are common law married.
FERPA – CONSENT TO RELEASE SPECIFIC CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION This form is used to authorize Colorado Mountain College to release specific information from a student’s educational records to a specific individual or entity with the written consent of the student.
FERPA – RELEASE OF INFORMATION WAIVER This form is used to authorize Colorado Mountain College to release any and all information from a student’s Education records to specified individuals. For example: Parents.
FERPA - REQUEST TO WITHOLD DIRECTORY INFORMATION This form is used to request that Colorado Mountain College prevents the disclosure of directory information.
GRADE SCHEME FORM Students can use this form to request a change of grading scheme for a class.
HARDSHIP WITHDRAWAL This form can be used by a student to withdraw from a class who has experienced extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control that have impacted the student’s ability to achieve the objectives of the course.
IMMUNIZATION Students must provide immunization records or submit an exemption prior to registering for classes. This link takes you to the most up to date forms on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website
INCOMPLETE AGREEMENT This form is an agreement between the instructor and the student, allowing the student additional time to complete their coursework.
LATE REGISTRATION This form is used to petition for late registration for a course.
NAME CHANGE Use this form to change or correct your name on your record.
PETITION TO GRADUATE Students must use this form to notify Colorado Mountain College of their intent to graduate. It should be submitted BEFORE the start of the semester in which the student intends to graduate.
RE-EVALUATION OF TRANSFER COURSE This form is used to appeal the evaluation of a course transferred to Colorado Mountain College.
REFUND PETITION This form is used to request an exception to the Colorado Mountain College refund policy.
REGISTRATION FORM This form can be used to register for classes or drop Classes. It is preferred that students use Student Planning in Basecamp.
SELECTIVE SERVICE ONLINE REGISTRATION Under the Military Selective Service Act men born on or after January 1, 1960, must register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of their 18th birthday.
SOCIAL SECURITY/ ITIN VERIFICATION Use this form to submit your SSN/ITIN to CMC or if you need to correct your SSN/ITIN.
TRANSCRIPT REQUEST This form is only to be used by students who attended CMC prior to Summer 1982. ALL other transcript orders should be made online.
TRANSFER BACK AGREEMENT This form can be used to request pre-evaluation of coursework intended to be transferred from another institution to
Colorado Mountain College.
TUITION CLASSIFICATION – IN-STATE TO IN-DISTRICT This petition is used to request a review of tuition classification from In-State to In-District.
TUITION RE-CLASSIFICATION This petition is used to request tuition re-classification from Out-of-State.
VERIFICATION OF ENROLLMENT A student can use this form to obtain enrollment verification for loan or insurance purposes.