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CMC Medical Assistant students practice drawing blood samples

CMC Tuition Discounts for your Employees

Invest in your employees

Are you an employer within Colorado Mountain College’s taxing district? By sponsoring your employees to take job-related classes at CMC, they can qualify for low in-district tuition rates, no matter their residency

This is a fantastic benefit to recruit and retain talent in our mountain communities.

Employer eligibility

  • Must be an in-district, taxpaying employer (see district map)
  • The student must be an employee of the applying Employer
  • The courses that the student enrolls for are directly related to their job
  • The Employer is paying the tuition for the employee and is not charging the student for any of the tuition
  • The Employer's account must be paid within 30 days of the bill date
  • The Employer is responsible for payment of charges for the employee regardless of whether the employee's job status changes, the employee passes the class or drops the class
  • The Employer agrees that this is a system designed to provide the employer help with training employees and they are responsible for verifying the employee's eligibility for this benefit

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