Residency and Tuition Classifications at CMC

Colorado Tuition Classification Law

Tuition classification is governed by state law (Colorado Revised Statutes 23-7-101, et seq., 1997). That applies to all public institutions of higher education in Colorado. Colorado Mountain College does not have discretion to make exceptions to the rules as defined by state law. Colorado Mountain College rigorously enforces tuition classification, as mandated by State statute.

For more information please see the Colorado Department of Higher Education residency requirements or contact the Tuition Classification Officer at your campus.

CMC District Map

The CMC District is almost the size of New Jersey!

See CMC District Map

How Tuition Classification Is Determined

Your initial tuition classification is determined by the information provided on your CMC application.

In-State or Out-of-state Tuition?

To be considered a Colorado resident and to receive In-state tuition you must:

  • have lived in Colorado for 365 consecutive days prior to the first day of the semester.
  • show that you intend to make Colorado a permanent home through the following:
    • Obtaining Colorado driver's license
    • Colorado vehicle registration
    • Filing a Colorado tax return
    • Permanent employment
    • Colorado Voter registration

If you are under the age of 23, your parent's or legal guardian's information on the application determines your residency classification.

Students under the age of 23 who are independent must complete an Emancipation Form to have their own address and information used for classification.

In-District Tuition

To be considered an in-district resident and to qualify for in-district tuition you must:

  • have met all in-state tuition classification requirements (see above)
  • have lived in the CMC District for at least 32 days prior to the first day of the semester. See CMC District Map.

In-State Resident with Second Home In-District

A student who has met all in-state tuition classification requirements and who owns a residence (i.e., a second home) in the CMC district, or is a dependent of a person who owns a residence in the district, can petition to be classified as an in-district student for tuition purposes.

Students under the age of 23 who are independent must complete an Emancipation Form to have their own address and information used for classification.

Appealing / Request to Update Tuition Classification

If you believe your tuition classification status is incorrect, you must submit one of the following completed petitions to your campus Tuition Classification Officer within 10 days of the start of the semester. If approved, your tuition rate to be updated for the current semester.

Tuition Re-Classification Petition (Out-of-State to In-State/In-District)

Tuition Re-Classification Petition (In-State to In-District)

Emancipation Form - If you are under 23 and financially independent from your parent’s or guardian’s you will also need to submit this form with your petition.

ASSET Tuition Reclassification If you have submitted an application to CMC and believe you qualify for In-State tuition based on the ASSET rules, please complete this form.

If your residency status changes during your time at CMC, it is your responsibility to submit a petition. Your tuition classification does not update automatically.

If you meet residency requirements during the semester, you can submit your Tuition Re-classification petition any time and the change to your tuition rate will take effect the following semester.

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