Colorado Mountain College Board Members

The current members of the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees

photo - Pat Chlouber

Chlouber, Pat

Pat Chlouber

District 6, Lake County Trustee, Board Secretary Continue Reading: Chlouber, Pat

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photo - Charles Cunniffe

Cunniffe, Charles

Charles Cunniffe

District 1, Pitkin County Trustee Continue Reading: Cunniffe, Charles

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Photo - Kathy Goudy

Goudy, Kathy

Kathy Goudy

District 2, East Garfield County Trustee Continue Reading: Goudy, Kathy

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photo - Peg Portscheller

Portscheller, Peg

Peg Portscheller

District 3, West Garfield County Trustee Continue Reading: Portscheller, Peg

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photo: Chris Romer

Romer, Chris

Chris Romer

District 7, Eagle County Trustee Continue Reading: Romer, Chris

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photo - Patty Theobald

Theobald, Patricia

Patricia Theobald

District 4, Summit County Trustee, Board President Continue Reading: Theobald, Patricia

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