See into your future

CMC design and multi-media faculty at a laptop computor with her students.

See into your future

Colorado Mountain College

  • Degrees offered

    7 Bachelor’s • 54 Associate • 77 Certificate
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  • Most Affordable

    Bachelor’s degree in Colorado

  • Student/teacher ratio

    College-wide: 13 to 1

  • Number of Students

    Attending annually: 18,000

  • Average Age

    Full-time student: 24 years of age
    Part-time student: 38 years of age

Affordable college. It’s a thing.

If you’re like most students or parents, you worry about the burden of student loan debt. Colorado Mountain College’s commitment to affordable, high-quality education helps you graduate with less debt.

Our bachelor’s degree tuition is one of the lowest in the country and the lowest in Colorado. That means you’ll take on an average of $8,000 less in student loans – among the lowest student debt burdens in Colorado. And that means when you graduate, you won’t be crushed by debt just as you’re starting your career.

map thumbnail: CMC District

In-district Tuition

$2,850/year *

Associate & Bachelor's **

graphic - CMC in-state map

In-state Tuition

$5,850/year *

Associate & Bachelor's **

graphic - CMC out of state map

Out-of-state Tuition

$14,400/year *

Associate & Bachelor's **

* Tuition for two semesters, 15 credit-hours each.
** Nursing and Education tuition rates are higher.

Degree Programs and Majors

Bachelor of Applied Science in Leadership and Management (BAS)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science & Stewardship (BS)
Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA)
Bachelor of Arts in Human Services (BA)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies (BASS)

Residential Campuses

Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs
Steamboat Springs

Commuter Campuses

Breckenridge & Dillon
Glenwood Springs
Vail Valley at Edwards

Graduate Success

Diana Gabriela Loera

Diana Gabriela Loera / Giving Back

Diana Gabriela Loera (Gabi) dreamed of helping others like her through education. As an immigrant from Aguascalientes, Mexico and a first-generation student, she faced a challenging road to achieving her dreams. Her experience at CMC helped her get there.

Gabi and her family moved to the United States when she was twelve years old, no one in her family knew how to speak English. She worked closely with her teachers after hours to keep up with her studies and nurture her English-speaking skill. The dedication from her teachers to help her inspired her to help others.

She enrolled at Colorado Mountain College after graduating from high school and said the CMC experience worked well for her.

“I thrive in small, intimate settings,” Gabi explained, “when a professor knows each student as an individual, it’s so much easier to succeed.”

Her classes averaged nine students per course at the Vail Valley at Edwards campus.

Gabi took advantage of many of the resources available to students at CMC. Scholarships and TRIO Student Support Services were crucial for her success as a student and growth as an educator. Gabi started giving back to CMC by joining the TRIO student staff as a peer academic coach, tutoring other CMC students.

Gabi graduated in May 2022 from Colorado Mountain College with a bachelor’s degree in education with two endorsements: culturally and linguistically diverse education and bilingual education specialist. She accepted a job as a bilingual kindergarten teacher at Edwards Elementary School and predicts 40-60 percent of her students will be Hispanic or Latinx.

Gabi is focused on “authentically teaching these kids about their culture.”

Rory Johnson didn’t plan to change the world through sustainability when he graduated from high school. He didn’t plan to attend CMC either. Lacking direction after high school, he says he chose to follow the well-worn path to a big-name university. After 3 years in Boulder, sitting on a mountain of student debt with no serious interest in his studies, Johnson decided it was time to change plans.

Having lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for most of his life, he ‘d always known about CMC and decided to give it a try. That choice eventually earned him a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Studies from CMC. “I still have a bunch of debt I’m paying off from my last university and I didn’t even graduate from there. I didn’t take out any debt to attend CMC,” Johnson said.

After six years attending school and working simultaneously, Johnson graduated from CMC and landed a job with Marble Distilling in Carbondale, CO helping to enhance their sustainability efforts. After guiding the installation of a new water reclamation system, Johnson helped the distillery begin to save over 4 million gallons of water per year since 2015 and continue to save more every year. “Water has been an issue my entire life,” Johnson said. “If I can make a difference in even one area, that would be pretty cool.”

Johnson is currently working to implement a new sustainability score card that other distilleries can adopt to shine a light on businesses that emphasize sustainability in their daily operations. The score card measures different sustainability practices such as water recycling and energy saving methods.