CMC Chaffee County Faculty and Staff

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Listed below are faculty teaching at CMC Chaffee County.

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Name Highest Degree Subject
Ballester, Miren Hernandez M.S. Biology BIO
Brent, Newton A.A.S. Emergency Medical Service EMT B
Dawson, Veronica M.S.N/Ed.,RN NUA
Dean, Margaret Ph.D. English Literature ENG
Eyberger, Larry M.S. Mathematics MAT
Farrell, Deborah M.B.A. Business, Certified Yoga Instructor PED, ACC, MAN
Falconi-Emslie, Magdalena B.A. Communications ESL
Hess, Carolyn M.A. Human Communication Studies COM
Johnson, Gary M.A. Music MUS
March, Brad M.A. History GED, HIS
Nichols, Scott M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering MAT
Shelton, Trey B.S. Geography and Environmental Studies OUT
Smith, Don A.A. Criminal Justice, EMT Medical Technician Intermediate, (POST Certified) EMS
Utech, Richard M.A. English ENG, LIT
Williams, Diane Psy.D PSY
Dennis, Amy Coordinator of Academic Services and Academic Advisor
Bevan, Holly Administrative Aide II
Sytsma, Maree Administrative Aide II