Go For 4 Scholarship

If you graduated from a high school in the Colorado Mountain College District, you can save thousands off the cost of a four-year degree. Just stay at CMC for your bachelor’s degree. In-district tuition provides the most affordable bachelor’s degree in Colorado.

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Now, the Go For 4 Scholarship provides even more financial help for local students. Go For 4 will help keep you out of deep debt so you’ll have many more options as you start out in life. Here’s how it works:

The Scholarship

All awards are available only for 4 semesters of continuous enrollment (excluding summer).

  • 15+ credits: $500/semester
  • 12-14.9 credits: $400/semester
  • 6- 11.9 credits: $250/semester

To qualify

  • Must be a local graduate of a high school within the Colorado Mountain College District. See district map.
  • Graduating with a two-year degree from CMC (AA/AS/AAS)
  • Continuing into a bachelor’s degree the following semester (spring grads can start in fall)
  • Maintained good academic standing during their associate degree.
  • Program began with spring 2019 graduates.
    • Graduates from previous semesters do not qualify.

CMC Bachelor’s Degree Programs

info-graphic: pay 75 percent less for a bachelor's degree compared to the average 4-year college in Colorado