Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Investment tip #1: affordable tuition lets you earn a business degree without the burden of high student debt

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree gives you experience, not just a piece of paper. Affordable tuition provides a great education without heavy debt. It’s a low-cost, high-value proposition that sets you free to pursue the business career you choose.

Our locations in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains offer exceptional opportunities to connect with local and global businesses in the tourism and resort industries. At CMC, you’ll have real world opportunities to work on projects for local businesses and organizations.

The mountains of Colorado draw talented and experienced business executives who share their knowledge in the classroom. You'll have small classroom access to former Fortune 500 CEOs, advertising executives and other professionals who enjoy teaching what they have learned at high levels in the business world.

info-graphic: pay 75 percent less for a bachelor's degree compared to the average 4-year college in Colorado

Choose from six emphasis areas to strengthen and specialize your résumé

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with an emphasis area that will give you  specialized skills and knowledge that employers seek.

Our mountain locations provide unique opportunities and connections that will help you turn the lifestyle you love into your career! Our Bachelor’s in Business Administration emphasis areas include:

Compare: Our tuition is one of the lowest of BSBA programs in Colorado

Low costs keep CMC graduates from being crushed by debt as they start their careers. Give yourself a financial break without compromising your education. That's smart.

Here’s how our in-district and in-state tuition compares to other Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration programs in Colorado:

Tuition and fees for four-year degrees (120 credit hours). Source: CDHE Tuition and Fees Report, Fiscal Year 2018-19.

CMC In-district
CMC In-district
CMC In-state
CMC In-state
Colorado Mesa University
Colorado Mesa University
Western State Colorado University
Western State Colorado University
University of Colorado - Boulder
University of Colorado – Boulder

Zach Johnston

CMC Alum’s launch is now one of Colorado Business Journal’s Top 50 Companies to Look Out For in 2019. Read more: Zach Johnston

Cody & Tyler Jensen

“The type of education you get here is paramount to further life success: You’re in small classes which challenge you to really think. The combination of the two degrees provided us an incredible learning experience. We are receiving an excellent education, driven by small class sizes, dedicated professors, and a progressive curriculum. My life has changed as the result of my choice to come here.”

Cody Jensen and Tyler Jensen, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies graduates. Read more: Cody & Tyler Jensen

Victoria Kasik

“The faculty at CMC are of a caliber that I would never of expected to find in such a small town. The teachers here are really invested in their students. Previously, I had attended a much larger university where I was sitting in classes of 400 students and I was just a number. When I moved up to CMC I realized that the college experience I wanted was to be in small classrooms with teachers who knew their students by their first name. They really want to see us go out there and pursue our dreams –– and they will do anything to help us succeed. They really go above and beyond.”

Victoria Kasik, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Victoria Kasik

Rebecca McFarland Kanaly

“Colorado Mountain College proved to be a necessary piece of my personal growth as a change leader. I’ve gained a strong foundation of education and professional experience in the program, and learned how to be a business leader who embraces sustainability concepts.”

Rebecca McFarland Kanaly hopes to become an entrepreneur working towards sustainable business solutions. She recently got accepted to the MBA degree program at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. Read more: Rebecca McFarland Kanaly

Kyle Ballinghoff

“My bachelor’s courses were all hands on, right away. You’re not sitting in a lecture hall just talking theory. You’re doing it. And you’re doing it at a cheaper rate than anywhere else in the state. Colorado Mountain College allows you the freedom to pursue both your educational goals and your personal goals, and enjoy moving towards your professional career on your own schedule.”

Kyle Ballinghoff, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Kyle Ballinghoff

Stacey Novak

“I thrive in an environment that is personal, and value the relationships I’ve created with my professors and classmates. The instructors that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from at Colorado Mountain College have been absolutely amazing: I cannot speak highly enough about their caliber. For me, the interaction with and quality of the professors has been one of the highlights of this program. Having the ability to not just learn from, but get to know the people standing in front of you is a wonderful thing.”

Stacey Novak, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Stacey Novak

Scott Compton

“I will always remember exiting Pam Burwell’s philosophy classes each week with the feeling of inspiration and overall mindblownness. Most of my classes turned out this way, with the majority of my professors. I never expected, as someone who didn’t enjoy high school, that I would enjoy school at the level I do now. CMC’s faculty helped me to see that learning and education can be great – and something to enjoy, not just work. The connections from fellow CMC students and instructors have brought positive change to my life, and helped me find myself.”

Scott Compton, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Scott Compton

Jennifer Wagner

“My experiences at Colorado Mountain College were a really big eye-opener for me when I compare them to my experiences at Colorado School of Mines. Colorado Mountain College has small class sizes where students can really interact with the professors and other students. The atmosphere is much more one of community than a rigid educational environment, which is very inviting. I had no idea a college could be so open and inviting to learners at every stage in their life.”

Jennifer Wagner, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Jennifer Wagner

Julie Gonzales

When Colorado Mountain College began offering four-year degrees in the fall of 2011, Julie was one of the first to sign up. With the help of the Steve Smith Scholarship for Business Administration, she’s been able to pursue her dream of a bachelor’s degree. She’s already using her new knowledge and skills in her current job.

Julie Gonzales, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Julie Gonzales

Angelica Mascarenas

“The faculty here prepare their classes in interesting ways. This program has been very inspiring, and a wonderful experience for me. It will open up many new opportunities.”

Angelica Mascarenas, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduate. Read more: Angelica Mascarenas