Culinary Art Apprenticeship Program Tuition and Costs

Don’t go deep into debt. Find your affordable education here!

Thanks to the financial support of our mountain communities, Colorado Mountain College offers a quality education at a price you can afford. Our tuition is one of the lowest in Colorado, and is lower than in-state tuition in many other states.

COSI Culinary Scholarship

A limited number of Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative Grants (COSI) for students in the Breckenridge Culinary Arts Apprenticeship program are available.

There are at least 10 grants of $6,500 for 2018.

Eligable students with the most financial need will receive the funding. Interested students need to submit their FAFSA and contact CMC Financial Aid.

Low-Debt Degrees Are Smarter

The culinary arts apprenticeship program is among the most affordable in Colorado while offering a quality, hands-on education where you’ll gain real-world experience and build professional connections that help you gain employment after graduation. That's smart.

Unlike many other culinary programs in Colorado, our culinary apprenticeship program students appreciate how CMC’s low costs prevent them from graduating with crushing debt. See how we compare: