Early Childhood Education AA & AAS

CMC Early Childhood Education Student Kenia Renyna.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program at CMC can help you qualify for a career in the classroom or in administration

This program enables students to meet the educational requirements for Early Childhood Teacher and Director as defined by the Department of Human Services of the State of Colorado. This program provides training for those who want to become involved in the care of young children from birth to age eight. Courses in theory and lab experience are combined to provide a comprehensive base of growth and development, with a strong emphasis on field experiences. Early intervention, high risk, gifted and developmentally delayed issues are included.

Employment may be found in child care centers, preschools, kindergartens, nursery schools, after-school programs, recreational centers, playground, and other programs serving children from birth to age eight.

The Early Childhood Education Program at CMC offers 4 Certificates and 2 Degrees.

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“I think that CMC is a great school. The classes are affordable and the teachers that I’ve had are amazing and understanding. Classes at CMC have helped me so much with how I teach kids: I want these kids to have an amazing experience during their first years of learning, to have confidence in their work and most importantly, in themselves.”

- Kenia Reyna
CMC Early Childhood Education student