Rope Rescue Technician Certificate

A CMC Rope Rescue Technician class sets up a high angle rescue in the field.

Rope Rescue Technician Certificate

Learn the technical skills of wilderness rope rescue

The certificate will provide students with the skill set needed to work as a rope technician in a mountain, wilderness or high angle environment. The depth and breadth of the curriculum in this certification goes beyond what is typically taught in a Level I or II rope rescue course.

As a result, students who seek jobs as search and rescue technicians, climbing guides, park rangers, outdoor educators and special operators will be able to provide employers with the necessary rope rescue certification needed to gain employment.

This certification is offered through CMC Breckenridge each semester.


This course provides students with the advanced skills needed for technical wilderness evacuation. The curriculum goes beyond the basic wilderness evacuation competencies commonly taught in a wilderness first responder or wilderness EMT course. Topics include:

  • Organizing, planning and managing technical rescues
  • Anchor systems and common SAR knots
  • Patient packaging for technical evacuations
  • Rescue load lowering/raising systems in scree and steep environments
  • Medical considerations for wilderness technical evacuations

Efficient and safe wilderness evacuation skills will be developed through a combination of skill stations and challenging field scenarios.


Learn high angle rescue techniques utilized by professional rescue organizations. This 4-day intensive rigging course addresses rescue in vertical terrain.

The course will review safety systems, anchor systems and lowering/uphaul systems. In addition, scenario-based instruction will cover technical lowers and uphauls of the injured climber, guidelines, pick-offs, third man medical and other practical high-angle rescue techniques.

This course is taught over four consecutive days or two weekends.

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