Fire Science: Fire Academy I Certificate

CMC Firefighting instructor and students debrief after training.

Fire Academy I at Colorado Mountain College

Colorado Mountain College offers a clear path to begin a career in the fire service

The Fire Academy I certification program prepares students with the fundamental skills and experience to pursue entry-level fire service positions.

Benefit from affordable on-campus housing in a community that celebrates and supports fire service professionals. Connect with local fire departments while expanding your firefighting skills and knowledge. With more live-fire days than any other program in the state, CMC’s Fire Academy is widely recognized by many fire agencies in Colorado.

Academy Classes & Hands-on Training

Fire Academy I

This certificate program prepares students with the basic skills necessary to respond to community emergencies including medical, fire-related, and hazardous materials incidents.

Fire Academy I consists of two college-level credit classes:

  • Firefighter I (FST-100) – 9 credit hours
  • Hazardous Materials Operations (FST-107) – 3 credit hours

Classes are offered at the CMC Leadville campus, and hands-on training occurs at the live burn facility in the Vail Valley. CMC provides SCBA, bunker gear, Academy uniforms and other personal protective gear.

Fire Academy instructors are a diverse group of active and retired firefighters, representing five fire departments throughout the region. Training schedules are consistent with the standard 48/96 schedule practiced by rural Colorado fire departments – two consecutive 24-hour shifts on duty, followed by four consecutive days off.

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