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Kelli McCall, CMC Leadville faculty

McCall, Kelli

Kelli McCall

Discipline Coordinator; Professor, Developmental Education; Program Chair HSE
719-486-4207 |

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Allison Reigel

Reigel, Allison

Allison Reigel

Adjunct Faculty

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Professor Jeffrey Runyon at Colorado Mountain College Leadville

Runyon, Jeffrey Alan

Jeffrey Alan Runyon

Professor of English and Literature
719-486-4240 |

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Dara Seidl, Geographic Information Systems Faculty at Colorado Mountain College Leadville

Seidl, Dara

Dara Seidl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geographic Information Systems
719-486-4222 |

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Bethany Springer

Springer, Bethany

Bethany Springer, M.S.

Associate Professor, Chemistry
970-968-5819 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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CMC Leadville college professor Simon Waldbaum Ph.D.

Waldbaum, Simon

Simon Waldbaum, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biology
719-486-4269 |

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Elizabeth Walker

Walker, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Walker

Adjunct Faculty, Business & Outdoor Recreation Leadership

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photo: Evan Weatherbie

Weatherbie, Evan

Evan Weatherbie, M. Ed.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
719-486-4290 |

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Colorado Mountain College Leadville Staff

Kristal Bertonneau

Bertonneau, Kristal

Kristal Bertonneau

TRIO Student Support Services Director
718-486-4203 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Ben Cairns

Cairns , Ben

Ben Cairns, MPA

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Leadville & Salida
719-486-4212 |

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Chelsea Depetro

DePetro, Chelsea

Chelsea DePetro

Marketing and Continuing Education Coordinator
719-530-7906 |

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Paul Everitt

Everitt, Paul

Paul Edward Everitt

Technology Support Specialist II
719-486-4215 |
Pronouns: He/Him

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photo: Jeremiah Johnson

Johnson, Jeremiah

Dr. Jeremiah Fernandez Johnson

Assistant Dean of Instruction
719-486-4294 |
Pronouns: He/Him

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Krista Johnson

Johnson, Krista

Krista Johnson

Budget Manager
719-486-4205 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Theresa Keeley

Keeley, Theresa

Theresa A. Keeley

Teaching Assistant
319-270-0720 |
Pronouns: She/her

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Jack Kisch

Kisch , Jack

Jack Kisch

Residence Life Coordinator
719-486-4382 |
Pronouns: He/Him/His

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Brooke Larson

Larson, Brooke

Brooke Larson

Director of Student Life & Housing
719-486-4291 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Kathleen Law

Law, Kathleen

Kathleen Law, M.Ed.

Assistant Dean of Instruction
719-486-4236 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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