Graduates of the Sustainability Studies Program

photo - bailey matthews

Bailey Matthews

“The world is in need of change. This degree program has introduced many fantastic mentors into my life that have – and will continue to – make an impact on my life and the choices I make.”

Bailey Matthews, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies graduate. Read more: Bailey Matthews

photo - Georgie Weber

Georgie Weber

“My experience in the Sustainability Studies program has been empowering and eye-opening. I was able to get a degree in a field that I have always been passionate about, and I’ve already obtained a job in a field I love. I love the work I am doing using the tools the program has given me,” says Weber. “In my job with YVSC, I get to educate, connect, and bring awareness to my community.”

Georgie Weber, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Studies graduate Read more: Georgie Weber

photo - Gary Keeling

Gary Keeling

“The faculty promote a forum style of discussion in class. That really attracted me. In the past, my educational experiences have been that teaching has been one-way. The discussion format is what these classes are all about: you study, then come into class and articulate your ideas. That was a huge turning point for me – it helped me have a forum to express myself that I didn’t before. Everyone is given a voice.”

Gary Keeling, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies graduate. Read more: Gary Keeling

photo - Erick Becerril

Erick Becerril

“I find myself in a cutting-edge program that is teaching society about the repercussions and responsibilities that we must hold to preserve our future. It (the degree) has opened up a lot of doors for me, not only in the business sector but also just being a professional within my community. You’re able to just flourish and be who you want to be in that program.”

Erick Becerril, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Studies graduate. Read more: Erick Becerril

photo - Ben Saheb

Ben Saheb

“Sustainability Studies taught me how I can help build a better and more interconnected community. I want to teach this through my films.”

Ben Saheb was chosen by Ecoflight to tour the Western US by air to learn about man’s impact on the environment. Read more: Ben Saheb